Quality Management

All responsibilities regarding the introduction and maintenance of our Quality Management System (QMS) are determined by the company-leadership. The company-leadership takes responsibility for the entire organization and is constantly committed to maintaining and upgrading a QMS, which is designed to fulfill the conditions of the EN 9100 norm.

Quality control

All products manufactured at our location are checked and monitored by our Quality Control. Our wide and high-value product spectrum demands high precision measurement techniques. For this purpose we have a large range of measuring and testing devices at our disposal, including 3D CNC measuring instruments for scanning, tactile or optical measurements and also roundness and roughness-measurement machines. In addition, surface thickness and hardness can also be evaluated. In total, our testing and measurement-equipment includes over 1000 tools and devices, in this way we are prepared for any eventuality. As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver the highest quality and to guarantee the lowest measurement deviation, the complete Quality Control Department is fully air-conditioned.

To fulfill all costumer requirements, we have a system-controlled complaint-management-system and inspection-equipment monitoring program. In this way we are able to arrange, record and trace back complex measurement patterns. Regular servicing of our machines and workstations is the last link in the value-added chain to profitable plant technology and resource optimization.

Current Certificate acc. to EN 9100 norm.